Who I Work With

I work with a variety of people, including:

  • Individuals, Groups and Teams
  • People involved in Competative Sports
  • Performers/Actors
  • Able-bodied and Disabled


For in-person sessions for coaching and/or mentoring, my home Ladór has disabled access in Co. Wicklow.  There are options available for disabled access on many nature walks and areas, however in some cases, access cannot be controlled by me. 

For online coaching or mentoring, this would be accessible to all abilities, or for those who find it difficult to attend in person or prefer to work with me remotely.

Individuals, Groups and Teams

  • Do you have a goal or objective that you are looking to achieve, but there are blockages preventing you from succeeding?
  • Do you want to make important and significant changes in your life, personally or work related?
  • Are you part of a group or team that is having problems functioning effectively and needs to improve their performance in a work setting?

With 30 years’ work experience as a manager, trainer, consultant, and people developer, I work as a coach or a mentor, providing guidance, alternative solutions, constructive and motivational behavioural feedback for individuals, groups, and teams. I employ techniques grounded in positive psychology and drawn from approaches such as NLP, Transactional Analysis and CBT.

People involved in Competitive Sport

  • Are you struggling with the mental side of your sport?
  • Is it preventing you from performing and competing at your best?

I am not a specific sports coach. However, I do have a diploma in Recreation Management and Sports Studies and have acquired various sports coaching/teaching qualifications over the years.

I collaborate with individuals to identify potential mental blockages and instil techniques to overcome them, using various approaches, including hypnotherapy. 


  • Would you like to make more of an impact as a performer/musician/actor?
  • Are nerves affecting your ability to perform at your best?
  • Would you benefit from constructive and honest feedback, together with tips and techniques for really improving your performance?

With over 30 years’ experience, acting, directing, and performing, I can offer feedback that can elevate your performance to the level you want and use hypnotherapy techniques to reduce nerves and channel energy into your performance.