Introductory Half-Day Coaching in Nature Intensives


Do you have a work-related issue that you would like some coaching on? Perhaps you are feeling stuck in your work, or in your life? Have you wanted to experience a coaching session before? Do you want to make some real changes in your work and/personal life, but haven’t been able to get started this year?  If your answer to any of these questions is yes and you enjoy walking, why not join me for a half-day intensive Coaching in Nature. It would be an opportunity to find out if coaching can be beneficial to you, get to know me as a coach and just as importantly, enjoy time spent in the rejuvenating outdoors. You have a choice of two beautiful locations. The Glendalough Valley in the Wicklow Mountains National Park or the Avondale Forest Park in Rathdrum, Wicklow. I am an experienced and qualified coach with a master’s degree in Organisational Behaviour and my work is grounded in Positive Psychology. I use a Solution-Focus approach and am a qualified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.

These sessions will be on Tuesday and Thursday, either morning or afternoon, for an introductory cost of 40 euro. They will include a zoom call with me to talk about the topic or issue you would like help on, in addition to your walk at the location & time of your choice.

Why not contact me to find out more and invest some quality time in yourself whilst enjoying an energising walk in the wonderful county of Wicklow.

083 1587887

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A real opportunity to experience coaching in nature, focus on an issue you want help with and get to know me as a coach. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, either morning or afternoon at Glendalough or Avondale

Take the first step and contact me for a chat or call me on 083 1587887


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